Al Shaheen House

A house for a young couple from Kuwait provides the opportunity to compare ones self with a known context but which also offers a thousand possibilities to explore. The relationship with a city concept that doesn’t evolve in a linear fashion, but by means of continuous re-departures; that for historical and economical reasons doesn’t worry anymore about conserving; that looks to the future disillusioned, that declines through the linearity of profiles, the geometry of facades, the stereometry of the volumes emphasized by the color white.

In respect of the habits and traditions, the functions are officially separated into “public” and “private” and are connected by the staircase, around which the surroundings are developed and that’s role in the home’s composition is emphasized by its stone covering.

City   Kuwait City - Kuwait
Year   2005
Client   A. Al Shaheen
Viale Belfiore, 16