School in Pistoia

The proposal for the school building in the ex-Breda area is inserted into a reformation process aimed at adding a new urban dimension to the city of Pistoia. For this project idea, the project proposals had to consider various traits as elements of the architectural town-planning proposal that together with this project, would determine the new “dialect” of the area. The plan for a large square on the east side of the site as a landing area for the train station’s pedestrian walkway, determined the project’s orientation, with the intention of adding a new frontal view to the space where the new Police headquarters building would also be facing. In this way, the school complex could become a new point of reference to the city background. The ground activity was conceptualized in a way as to offer form and shape to the various parts, making them autonomous and noticeable but at the same time, strongly connected visually. The complexity of the activities, that aside from didactics include social moments and relationships, do not end with the construction of the building, but re-discover its connective role of the open spaces, in relation to the functional organization of a monothematic plan that produces both autonomy and interdependence. In association with Astypalea Architetti Associati

City   Pistoia - Italy
Year   2002
Client   City of Pistoia
Competition   2nd prix
Residential Building “tre”