Plaster Casts Gallery

Let’s imagine that a museum is not simply a science dispenser, a sterile container; the container and its contents are connected among themselves. The driving force of the relationship is the art.

We concentrated on the “Spirit of the Location”, trying to identify the “genius loci” of the ancient world. The essence found was created in pure forms defined by the light, complete as they are yet open to dialog without conflicts with what already exists.

The building is composed of four staggered blocks, separated by large glass masses and positioned on an elevated slab. The four-parallelepiped masses hold the exposition rooms alongside the lounges and walkways.

The light always comes from above; in the hallways through the glass coverings; in the rooms it is filtered from longitudinal slits composed of a double glass sheet system, transparent on the outside and with opal glass on the inside.

The museum is conceived as a uniform space formed by various, orderly spacious entities.

City   Casalbeltrame (NO) - Italy
Year   2002
Client   City of Casalbeltrame
Viale Belfiore, 16