Tomihiro Museum

Designed in response to an international competition, located two hours North of Tokyo, the museum is dedicated to the works of the Tomihiro Museum poet and local illustrator.

The site is a lot located about halfway down the coast in front of a lake, ideal for gathering ideas and concentration. Ideal for catching the spirit of the Shi-Ga , the small illustrated poetic components that will be on display.

The project distinctly separates the exhibited parts from the services, which are in a fenced-in area covered with black stone and glass, which rests on the ground and is visible from the street.

The exhibition rooms are instead housed in large halls carved out of the foothills and illuminated from a large slanted sheet of glass that completes its profile.

The interaction between external and internal, the attempt the trap the light, the sheer heat and the scenery that inspired the artist was the theme of our proposal.

City   Azuma Village - Japan
Year   2001
Viale Belfiore, 16