Tour Centrale Bruxelles

The work was done in close relations with the Buro Happold Engineers group of London. Among the projects considered, the intention was to maintain the “skeleton” of the old building, re-utilizing the structural foundation and the elevator block. On the contrary, the stairs, originally placed at the center of the design, were split into two distinct parts, connected at the sides in a symmetric way. The first base, composed of seven floors, was completely demolished and substituted by a space in steel and crystal, morphologically correlated to the form and dimensions of the surrounding buildings. The theme of the dome, repetitive in the pre-existing structures, suggested the cylindrical element of the new podium base, where the offices were organized. The two faces of the towers were differentiated based on their orientation to the facades and by the development of the plan. The rear perspective, which faces North, represents a more noticeable character of closure toward the outside, emphasized by its covering in sheets of granite; the front part, placed in front of the GARE CENTRALE, is predominated by the transparency effect, obtained by using the external glass walls. On the interior, a space of elliptical sections covered in wood, contains the baths (bathrooms) and the style with the elevators connects directly onto the roof garden, without intermediate stops, becoming at the top an antenna for communications.

City   Bruxelles - Belgium
Year   1997
Viale Belfiore, 16