National Diet Library

The building is located at the “Kansai Science City”, a tranquil place close to the city, surrounded by foothills and crossed by the Seika Main Street, which divides it into geometric lots. The nature of the building and the symbolic significance given by its public functions are a duality that the project tries to harmonize with the basic principles of traditional Japanese architecture: simplicity, functionality and minimalism.

Right angles and straight lines are repeated constantly to create a network that captures and diverts the light. The space in the library is separated from the outside with thin layers of glass and wood that filter the natural light. On the contrary, the internal space of the building is only artificially illuminated.

The library is at the same time a center for storing information and spreading culture: the case is made of stone, like a case that jealously protects a treasure; the walls are instead made of glass, evoking the luminosity of the conscience with their transparency, representing the case that reveals to the public its hidden treasure. The roof is covered with panels of irregularly perforated aluminum, except in the reading areas, in the cafeteria and in the central hall, where it is completely transparent; the light varies based on the functions of the spaces.

City   Nara - Japan
Year   1996
Client   City of Nara
Viale Belfiore, 16