Al Rashed House

This building is composed of four duplex apartments ranging from 270 – 300 square meters. The entry-level floor is completely separated from the ground and can be reached by using suspended walkways. Two apartments as well as the stairway that leads to the other two duplex apartments, are accessible from the ground floor.

The four apartments are arranged so that they have “day zones”; composed of a kitchen, a large living room and a bathroom, in contact with each other (on the central floors) so as not to interfere with the privacy of the “night zones”; composed of two bedrooms, a closet, an office and two bathrooms, which are respectively located in the basement and on the second floor.

The building is partially covered with a terrace, from which you can access the two towers, where the garage and the servants’ quarters are located. The small palace, other than having four apartments, also has a common area called “diwanya”. The “diwanya” is the “public” area of the house, since generally the men who come to visit are not allowed to enter the rest of the house.

The outside wall surfaces reflect the public or private use of the house. The public part is identified by a lighter color, by the “mushrabiyya” and by the lines in the plaster, while the private part of the house is always set back slightly and painted a darker color.

City   Kuwait City - Kuwait
Completion   1996
Area   750 mq
Client   Al Rashed Family
Viale Belfiore, 16