Nara Convention Hall

The building has a large abstractive capacity that’s searching for its true formal and cultural conceptuality, digging in the depths of the forms and of the culture of the place and transforms the results of this site into metaphors capable of evoking, or not, in superficial formal imitations.

The scene is divided in two regular forms, a triangle and a rectangle; a first triangular base is made of stone, the second of water. The gold pavilion is located on the first base and the onyx pavilion on the other; these are united by a glass-covered “fault”. On the south side where the water base is larger, we positioned a smaller circular island from which a golden semi-sphere divided into four slices emerges. During the days when there’s good weather, the golden semi-sphere will bloom like a water lily, transforming itself into a small theatre, baptized “LOTUS THEATRE”.

A translucent material was chosen to allow the entry of light through the walls; we wish to immerse all of the space in an alabaster light (a sort of free space suspended between the real & virtual world), that first invited concentration and then reflection after a trip in time and in space that every show, concert or conference represents.

A paradox of external simplicity and of internal complexity, constructed on compactness, symmetry and diverse responses from diverse sides; this building is projected to welcome memorable experiences and emotions.

City   Nara - Japan
Year   1991
Client   City of Nara