The project is divided into three architectural elements, in which the functions connected with the activities of the Heliport itself are organized. Two of these buildings are so tightly connected to each other, almost as if to form one mass.

The hangar shed is prefabricated and covered by panels, while the villa structure, in reinforced cement, plastered and painted, is composed of a central part with assembled serial elements, and of two side parts, that are positioned like “headboards” of the building.

On one side, placed in a corner in front of the helicopter landing area, is the central tower, that from a formal point of view, is detached from the rest of the structure for its approximate cylindrical form, that’s façade is highly visible due to its shiny covering in alluco bond.

City   Firenze - Italy
Completion   1992
Area   141,000 mq.
Client   Ministry of The Interior
Viale Belfiore, 16