LGV Villa A
“Type A” is one of the three typologies studied for the residential development of Parnu, Estonia. This villa model is concentrated around a long, narrow lake that diagonally cuts the lots and multiplies radially, always maintaining a panoramic view of the lake from the master bedroom and from the living room. The building is divided into 3 parts: three parallelepipedons in which the length is the only dimension that changes, with a constant façade at 6m x 3,75m, while the length of the kitchen block is 13m, the living room is16m and the bedroom area is 19m. Organized around a glassed-in area that acts as an entryway and a hallway, the two smaller blocks are parallel, sliding among each other in a way so as to obtain a parking area and to provide a view of the lake from the only bedroom.
City   Parnu - Estonia
Year   2007 - 2011
Area   278 mq
Client   Claris Holding
Viale Belfiore, 16