LGV Villa B
“Type B” is one of the three typologies studied for the residential development of Parnu, Estonia. This villa model is developed primarily in the west part of the lot division. The villa is substantially composed of 2 bodies, added transversally, creating an empty space that functions as a parking area. The two parallelepipedons are approximately the same; the lower one is three meters longer than the upper one, and contains the day zone. The living room area on the ground floor acquires an “ideal role”, which protrudes from the base as if it were a wedge of copper, with a glass wall that provides a panoramic view toward the southeast. The upper parallelepipedon provides the night zone, positioning the bedrooms toward the south, allowing the use of the flat covering underneath as a terrace.
City   Parnu - Estonia
Year   2007 - 2011
Area   271 mq
Client   Claris Holding
Viale Belfiore, 16