LGV Villa C
“Type C” is one of three typologies studied for the residential development of Parnu, Estonia. This typology is located in the southwest part of the project. The area in question presents itself as substantially flat, aside from the part in question. The need to fill in the lack of terrain to reach the amount suitable for building, encouraged the choice to project a sort of belvedere ”look-out” base plate, elevated about one meter. The entire home is developed on one level, in a “U” shape around the central patio. The pivotal role of the patio is highlighted, considering that the “U” closes thanks to a covering, which due to the presence of empty spaces presents itself more like a bond between the environments as opposed to an actual covering.
City   Parnu - Estonia
Year   2007 - 2011
Area   192,55 mq
Client   Claris Holding
Viale Belfiore, 16