Le Professioni di Pistoia
The guidelines and requirements of the competition were very precise: the former Breda plant was to be given a new life but by going well beyond the precise historical restoration of the facade it made mandatory.
On the tripartite north facade the principles of typological restoration suggested a tripartite distribution of space such that the central part was devoted to ‘extraordinary’ functions: a lofty entrance hall, a library and a multi-purpose hall – those uses most readily adaptable to the great windows or to the light of the sheds as planned by Coppedè.  The two naves were devoted to ‘day-to-day’ operations: the seven headquarters for the Orders (on the first floor) and the smaller rooms related to the central hall, as well as the technical spaces (on the ground floor).  Coppedè’s facade thus eludes an exclusively decorative role, taking on the functional role of heralding the character of what stands behind it, that is the multi-purpose hall that has thus found its natural position.  The terms of the competition reserved the southern section for administrative operations and the area adjacent to the central body of the former Breda plant for a commercial zone of c. 150 m2, besides providing for a possible reconstruction ex novo of the building behind the facade.  In the administrative Palazzina degli Uffici the lines of the tripartite division of the Palazzina Coppedè accelerate to become a spiral with the offices distributed around the entire perimeter of its three floors.  The window panels highlight the centrifugal character and dynamism of the southern structure of the project to embody the idea of developing the industrial area.
City   Pistoia – Italia
Year   2008
Client   Le Professioni di Pistoia
Viale Belfiore, 16