Michelizzi Architects is an architectural and design firm that produces international architecture work.

Functionality and form are related to different cultural and environmental situations, with constant care to integration with nature and optimization of technologies.

Worldwide experience is matured with a deep knowledge of architectural issues.

Constant research is a substantial ingredient of the activity of the team, focusing on all the aspects of designing and projecting, combined with contemporary architecture.

obtaining the highest grade of functionality is a determining input for Michelizzi Architects, the capacity of dealing with the context enables the elegance of the form.

The contemporary approach to architecture is based on a conscious and solid process, in which the cultural and geographic stimulations are integrated with economical needs.

The final result, monitored step by step during the design and building process, leads the firm to obtain a continuing innovation of architecture design and constructive practice.

The attention dedicated by the firm to the various commercial, functional and cultural contexts, is an important instrument for their clients to achieve a variety of solutions integrated with individual business and profiles which leads the firm to reach relevance as an international brand.