Q House

The house is located on the last floor of a Medieval building situated at the highest point of the vanishing fifth circular wall of the San Pier Maggiore district in Florence. The renovation involved, other than the surface of the home, the recuperation of the attic/loft spaces, creating the connection of rooms that belong to two different, adjacent buildings. The different positions of the solariums, through which the loft level was created, set off a meditated game of passages, stairs and links interpreted as a clear allegory of a hypothetical naval scene.

The house-boat was created with crossing bridges, perforated by portholes and water-tight doors, according to the formal, dominating parameters of the carpentry in metal and wood that intervene in the space without changing the surroundings designed by simple orthogonal surfaces. The composition of the wall covering, completely white, acquired the value of a neutral container, intent on exploiting the precious yet sober contents.

City   Firenze - Italy
Completion   1991
Area   200 mq.
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