This design project represents a stand for the manifestation of the national and international wine production universe: “il Vinitaly”. In the last few years, wine and its entire world have increasingly “embraced” the public interest, entering in that group of products capable of seducing the taste of people; and it is for this reason that it is believed that wine and its world have entered, in all effects, into the world of design. There is no more talk of wooden wine cellars, red-checked tablecloths and the innkeepers’ jugs; wine has become an object of cult, studied in every detail. The stand starts from the origins of the wooden cube and takes form moulding itself, identifying a skin of wood and a heart of light. The forms are fluid like the wine, surrounding the environment and taking forms from it at the same time.



Completion   2007
Client:   Castello di Verrazzano
GMG Mega Store