The new center presents itself like a little cluster of elementary spaces, grouped around ample open spaces situated in an almost barycentric position between the various functions.

Each space corresponds to one of the specific functions that are requested in the redevelopment process, treatment and recycling, that must intervene between the various phases of the productive process.

All of the manufactured products will be proportionally high based on the functions contained and by the machines and systems to install, with values in any case, never too high and more or less included between a minimum of 6 ml and a maximum of 12 ml, depending on its function.

The organization in functional blocks will also make it easier to create enlargements located wherever these seem necessary to adjust to one or more functions of the service needs or of the new technologies that eventually can develop.

City   Firenze - Italy
Completion   2002
Area   191,250 mq.
Client   ECOFIRENZE s.r.l - CEPA s.p.a.
Viale Belfiore, 16