New German Parliament

This intervention presents itself as the symbol of the capacity to orient and organize with clarity and transparency the life and the development of an advanced society.

The initial considerations were:

1. Establish a preferential relationship with the Tiergarten.
2. Order the intervention in functional, concentric phases, alternating the open spaces with the building structures, according to a plan that formally reinforces the bend of the Spree.
3. Enhance the open spaces and at the same time lighten the constructed parts.

The new intervention takes place along the banks of the Spree creating an urban sized Italian style garden, forming an amphitheatre of buildings and gardens facing the Tiergarten and the city center. The two Reichstag & Bundersrsat buildings, like large gazebos, will close the composition along an east-west axis.

We will utilize some themes, like lightness and transparency, with a symbolic intent, not for stylistic purposes. We don’t want to talk about an architecture that blends in with nature to the point of disappearing but one that contributes in an active way to creating pleasant and inviting institutions, not hostile and inaccessible castles; not defensive “Palaces” but pleasant places where the public is welcome.

City   Berlin - German
Year   1992
Client   City of Berlin
Viale Belfiore, 16