Like in the ideal renaissance italian town also our plan has its core in the central square, from where the important communication routes start. In the triangles created between tree-lined avenues grow up the proper residential areas and alsor the offices. Here we wanted to break the perfect renaissance geometry, to create an irregular road grid, even in this case to remind the typical atmosphere of the italian historical cities, that are the result of ancient historical stratification. The eliptic shape of the canal, that reminds the big anphitheatres of the ancient towns is crossed by a large garden in a longitudinal way. We replaced the flat horizon of the surroundings with a green area, with different levels, small hillsand slight slopes. In the southern gore between the garden and the canal we created a large area completely dedicated to the culture and the entertainment, plunged in a green area and reachable by car or boat across the waterway. Houses, has been created: it is a place of rest and stay, outside the commerciall areas, it is an area with a “roman inspiration” villas, refreshed by nice water-canals that penetrate among the houses and along the roads. Further to the pleasant pedestrian and carriageablebridges, a large bridge will connect the trees area and the sport centre to the downtown. Along the canal, there will be the colonnades, where can walk in the most agreeable hours of the day, cooled by the shadow and the water.
City   Dubai
Year   2007
Area   1.200.200 mq
Client   Buset Investiment Co (L.L.C.)
Viale Belfiore, 16